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Some tips to take care of your lingerie and delicate clothing

Lace, tulle, satin,… lingerie fabrics ae very delicate, and for this reason they must be specially cared to keep them in perfect state for much longer.
Want to extend the life of your underwear? Follow the advice we give below:

Do you keep lingerie in a separate location from the rest of clothes?

It is very to keep underwear apart, either in a drawer or in a box, so as to avoid snags and abrasions with other garments that can ruin your clothing.

Do you wash by hand or machine?

It would be best to always wash your lingerie by hand with a special soap for delicate fabrics. However, if you do not have the time for it, do it in the washing machine using always the program for delicate clothes and putting the underwear in special-purposed bags.

Correct water temperature.

The hot water is the sworn enemy of lingerie, enlarging and deforming your clothes and shortening their use. Although it is believed that hot water disinfects, water temperature should never exceed 30 degrees.

Do not expose to sunlight.

Your panties and bras will appreciate drying in the shade. Although it may take longer, choose a place outdoors without direct sunlight to better keep your clothes in good condition, avoiding wearing out the colors and losing elasticity.

Dryer is forbidden.

In order to avoid your lingerie to deteriote, it is essential to avoid the dryer. The high temperatures needed to achieve the drying conditions are a clear enemy of fibers used in underwear.

If you want to whiten your clothing…

Beware the products you use because they can burn the tissues. You can try to leave the clothes 10 minutes with soap before washing by machine.
Be especially careful with lace garments because bleach can sometimes change the color of them.

Special bag for washing.

Using this bag helps to protect your clothes and prevents wires from damaging your washer. We recommend using delicate clothing program for and using a mild soap.

Before putting your lingerie in the washing machine i…

make sure they do not have any damage, loose or broken wire.
But above all, the first thing to do is read the care label inside the garment, where you will find the specific manufacturer’s instructions.