Know your size

Knowing what your correct size is essential if the bra fits you the best way, is comfortable and helps you look good cleavage.

Thanks to the following table you will discover which size (indicated by the numbers: 80, 85, 90 …) and which cup (indicated by letters: A, B, C, D. ..) are the ones you dress.


How to know my size?

Just take a tape measure and measure yourself:

1. The contour of the breast: Place the tape lightly from your back just above the nipple and record your perimeter in centimeters.

2. The base of the breast: place the tape surrounding you from underneath the breast and record the indicated centimeters.

Measuring the difference between the chest and the base of the breast, determines the depth of the cup.
Check the table and find your size and ideal cup!

Introduce your measurements and you will find your ideal size and cup!

Measure 1
Measure 2
Your size is: