Correct water temperature

Hot water is the sworn enemy of lingerie as it enlarges the garments and deforms them, shortening their use. Although it is believed that hot water disinfects, the temperature of the water should never exceed 30º.

Do not expose it to the sun.

Your panties and bras will thank you to dry in the shade. Although it may take a little longer to dry, the best way to keep it in good condition is to choose a place outdoors without direct sunlight, since it wears out the colors a lot and makes them lose elasticity. This will keep the colors intact for many more uses.

Dryer prohibited.

It is essential to avoid the dryer so that the underwear does not deteriorate. The high temperatures that are created to achieve drying are a clear enemy of the fibers that are used for intimate clothing.

If you want to whiten…

Be careful with the products you use as they can burn the fabrics. You can try leaving it for 10 minutes with neutral soap before machine washing. Special care must be taken when bleaching lace garments as it can sometimes change their color./p>

Special bag for washing.

The use of this bag helps to protect the garments and prevents the rings from damaging the washing machine. It is recommended to use the delicate clothes program and use a neutral soap.

Before you put it in the washing machine…

make sure that it has no damage, loose thread or breakage. But above all, the first thing you should do is read the inside label of the garment, where you will find the specific instructions of the manufacturer.