In the Promise stores you will find our gift card, the best option for the doubtful. Ask for it so that your gift is the perfect one!

Conditions of the GIFT CARD:

  • The PROMISE GIFT CARD is the property of its issuer, whose identity appears on the physical Card itself, its bearer being a mere depositary of the same.
  • The GIFT CARD is on sale at official PROMISE points of sale.
  • The GIFT CARD allows you to buy any item on sale in PROMISE stores.
  • The GIFT CARD can be paid through any of the payment methods accepted in PROMISE stores. In no case can it be paid with another GIFT CARD.
  • The balance of the gift card cannot be refunded or exchanged for money. However, the return of the gift card that has not been used within a maximum period of one month from the date of purchase will be accepted. The amount paid for the GIFT CARD will be reimbursed in the same means of payment in which it was paid. For this it is essential to present the original purchase receipt. The return will only be accepted at the same point of sale where it was purchased.
  • The GIFT CARD can be used as many times as desired until the total amount of its balance is used up. If the amount of the purchase exceeds the available balance on the card, the difference can be paid through any of the normally accepted payment methods.
  • You can check the available balance in any PROMISE store
  • Products purchased with the GIFT CARD in PROMISE stores are subject to the same return and exchange policy as other products purchased in said stores. In your case, the refund of the amount of the products purchased with the gift card that are returned will be made by increasing the balance available on the GIFT CARD, provided that said card exists at the time of return. If the card has been lost, a new GIFT CARD will be activated with the refunded amount.
  • The GIFT CARD is a bearer document. The responsibility for the use and custody of the gift card corresponds exclusively to its holder. The Card will not be replaced if it is stolen, lost, misplaced or damaged. • Illicitly obtained Cards will be void, may not be used to purchase goods and their amount will not be reimbursed.
  • The acquisition and/or use of the GIFT CARD implies full acceptance of these general conditions, which have been delivered at the time of purchase of the gift card and are available at www.PROMISE.es